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Inspiring Eco-Influencers and Green Content Creators to Follow

Eco Influencers and Green Content Creators You Have to Follow by Tenacious Image of a woman in a garden

This is a list of bloggers, YouTubers, and media companies sharing information about eco-friendly living and advocating for social change. This is not an exhaustive list, and I hope to update it over time. If I missed someone you think should be a part of this list, leave a comment and let me know!

Sustainably Vegan

Immy talks about low-impact living on her channel, Sustainably Vegan. I love her 100 Sustainable series, each video has 100 tips and swaps for reducing your impact, AND she’s made tutorials on making your own plant-based milks, mayonnaise, and nut butters!

Polly Barks

Polly on Polly Barks has a really entertaining and straightforward style of writing. She takes a fresh approach to write about living zero waste and sustainability. She focuses on systematic issues creating the current climate crisis. Like this post where she talks about the big companies controlling most of the products we buy.

Gittemary Johansen

Gittemary talks about her zero waste, vegan lifestyle over on her YouTube channel. I especially love her series where she looks at the environmental impact of products and materials; her videos are incredibly thoughtful and well-researched.


On her YouTube channel, Jhánneu explores low impact, intention living and minimal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She made a video about food deserts and why sustainable living isn’t inclusive, which is an incredibly important topic that isn’t talked about enough.

Levi “Save the Planet” Hildebrand

Levi Hildebrand is a Canadian Youtuber who focuses on making sustainability easy. He showcases brands and individuals that are using creative ideas and solutions to make the world a better place. His message is that “you don’t have to be a hero to save the planet!”

Just Joe Lee

Joe Lee is another Canadian Youtuber who talks about eco-friendly living. In addition, he covers topics such as health and wellness, minimalism, and eating a plant-based diet.

Sarah Therese

Sarah’s YouTube channel highlights her sustainable, minimal lifestyle as a young mom and wife. In her videos, she shares recipes, vlogs, and what she’s learned in her minimalist journey.

Sweet Potato Soul

On Sweet Potato Soul, Jenné talks about eating vegan on a budget and shares a bunch of vegan recipes. Reducing your intake of meat and dairy significantly lowers your environmental footprint! So check her out and get inspired to do a little plant-based cooking!

Dose of Whit

Dose of Whit is where Whitney talks about eco-friendly living, natural health, and veganism. A lot of sustainability experts advise eating less meat and dairy, so check out her awesome vegan recipes.

Heal Your Living

The YouTube channel Heal Your Living covers mindfulness, sustainability, minimalism, and wellness. Her approach to minimalism is a lot more extreme than most of the other people I’ve mentioned. But even if you’re not an extreme minimalist, it’s worth watching a few of her videos. She also has an Etsy shop for her self-care e-books.

Eco & Beyond

Eco & Beyond‘s vision is to create a directory and guide for eco-friendly living. They cover topics such as creating less food waste and using less packaging, plastic, meat, and dairy. They talk about how the importance of buying more sustainable, fair trade, local, and seasonal products and produce. They also have a section where they define and explain how to do more social good.


Abby, a college student, shares stories about her sustainability adventure on her blog MsAceAmazing. In her post Minimalism Vs Eco-Minimalism, she describes different situations where minimalism and eco-minimalism disagree.

On her blog, she talks about minimalism, sustainability, and the problem with food waste. She also covers topics like environmental activism, digital minimalism, and mindfulness.

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess isn’t just a blog, it’s a media business and community. They have a whole team of writers who cover “environmental issues, conservation, sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, politics, feminism, eco beauty, wellness, green technology.”

They were founded by Jennifer Nini, who is an environmental activist and writer. She owns a certified organic farm and is the current editor-in-chief.

The Eco Hub

The Eco Hub is a Canadian media company focused on helping people live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. They cover a range of topics from style and beauty to living and home to health and wellness.

Candice Batista, the founder of The Eco Hub, is an award-winning environmental journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. She’s been on her eco journey for almost 20 years!

Eco Ally

Eco Ally focuses on sustainable living, eco-entrepreneurship, and environmental activism. She has a post about how to become an eco-entrepreneur, a post defining impact blogging, and she talks about eco-minimalism.

Eco Ally’s founder, Deanna Pratt, also does content marketing and consulting for ethical and sustainable businesses.


Shelbi, known as Shelbizleee on YouTube, is starting to become well-known in the environmental sphere on the internet. She has a Bachelors in Environmental Science. On her channel, she talks about living zero waste, and also covers topics such as eco-fashion, eco-beauty, and eco-minimalism.

She has a saying she says at the end of all her videos, which is, “You cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do.”

Shelbi also has a blog where she goes more in-depth into the topics she talks about in her videos.

Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste is one of the biggest zero waste blogs on the internet. Founder Kathryn Kellogg breaks down the steps of how to transition to living more sustainably. She talks about the benefits to the planet, as well as to your personal health and wellness.

When you subscribe to her blog, you get a short e-book introducing zero waste living. If you enjoy that (which I did!) she also has an e-book called 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste.

Trash is for Tossers

Trash is for Tossers is about Lauren’s zero waste journey. Lauren jas a college degree in environmental science, and was inspired by zero waster Bea Johnson. Lauren also has a YouTube channel that has lots of content but doesn’t seem to be active.

Lauren is also the founder of Package Free Shop. This is a really cool online shop for people trying to live zero waste. They also use 100% recyclable and compostable shipping materials. I thought it was really cool that each product also has end of life instructions.

Final Thoughts

Did I miss one of your favorite eco-influencers? Leave me a comment so I can continue to update this list with people doing important work and spreading great messages.

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