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About Tenacious Thinker

Hi and welcome 🙂 I’m Elisha

I started Tenacious Thinker to collect and share information I learn on my journey. I love learning and I’m interested in sooo many things; this blog is specifically dedicated to wellness and eco minimalism but my other interests, like philosophy and science, certainly influence my writing.

I’m a 4th year undergraduate science student studying computer science and physics. I love cats, plants, and books. I hope to make the world a better place.

Wellness: For Self-Care and Self-Improvement

I look to wellness as a blueprint for self-care and self-improvement. From the balanced approach of studying all aspects of our lives to the emphasis on learning and self-responsibility, I believe wellness is versatile enough to help everyone.

Eco Minimalism: For Sustainability

Sustainability taking care of the earth and all her inhabitants is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I believe the value of eco-minimalism can be applied to everything from individual lifestyles to global corporations. And I believe it is critical that we do so.