Eco Minimalism

Eco Minimalism: the principle of minimizing environmental impacts for sustainability.

Sustainable Gift Guide from Tenacious Image of a present wrapped in reusable cloth.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

Christmas in 2020 is going to look a lot different than any Christmas we’ve seen before; from where we do our shopping to how we celebrate, there’s a lot of change coming. Things are moving online as we adapt to a new normal. Let’s use this opportunity to have a green Christmas! I’ve put togetherContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide for 2020”

Beginners Guide to the Zero Waste Movement (and 4 Zero Waste Newbie Mistakes to Avoid!)

Zero waste started as a set of design principles for creating products, services, and processes that minimize waste that is produced. These principles were adopted as a lifestyle by environmentally minded people who are now carrying zero waste to the mainstream spotlight. As the zero waste movement has grown, it’s message has been somewhat diluted.Continue reading “Beginners Guide to the Zero Waste Movement (and 4 Zero Waste Newbie Mistakes to Avoid!)”

20 Habits for Great Environmental Wellness

We’ve been exploring the dimensions of wellness and how we can improve them. Environmental wellness refers to our personal environment and the health of the planet. At first glance, environmental wellness appears unique. It seems to emphasize the outside world, as opposed to the internal changes the other dimensions prioritize. But if we examine howContinue reading “20 Habits for Great Environmental Wellness”

10 Tips to live more sustainably image of a woman outside in nature with a reusable waterbottle

10 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Is a low-impact, sustainable lifestyle your goal? Curious about what it means to be sustainable? Here are 10 tips to start you on your eco-conscious journey: 1. Shop local, zero-waste, or sustainably-made Products made locally require fewer resources for transporting. Stronger local economies are linked to a healthier environment. Since industrial waste is a greaterContinue reading “10 Ways to Live More Sustainably”

What is Sustainability?

The term sustainability gets thrown around a lot. It’s becoming a bit of a buzzword; a label that anyone can slap on to look better. But what does it really mean for something to be sustainable? What does that look like? And, in case you’re not already on board with “saving the Earth,” why shouldContinue reading “What is Sustainability?”

How Minimalism Helps The Environment

I like to think there are 3 types of minimalism: minimalism purely as a style, the hippy save-the-planet minimalism, and regular jane and joe minimalism. The problem with minimalism-as-just-a-style is that many people simply do not like that style, so when we only present them this type of minimalism they think “well, this isn’t forContinue reading “How Minimalism Helps The Environment”


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