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Wellness: a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing; a method of balancing self-improvement and self-care.

Everything you need to know about minimalism post from tenacious thinker

What is Minimalism? Start with 4 Tips.

One topic that comes up often in conversations of sustainability and wellness is minimalism. Not minimalism as the art or interior design style, but minimalism applied as a lifestyle. What does that look like and how does it apply to topics such as sustainability and wellness? Minimalism as a lifestyle means different things to different […]

Dimenisons of wellness: social wellness post from tenacious thinker

3 Steps for Improving Your Social Wellness

Social wellness is one dimension of our overall wellness; it’s domain is our relationships with other people. From a quick glance, social wellness seems to be influenced by the outside world — the people we work, live, and interact with — but, in fact, good or bad social wellness comes from within us. With this […]

dimensions of wellness: environmental wellness post from tenacious thinker image of person in nature

20 Habits for Great Environmental Wellness

We’ve been exploring the dimensions of wellness and how we can improve them. Environmental wellness refers to our personal environment and the health of the planet. At first glance, environmental wellness appears unique. It seems to emphasize the outside world, as opposed to the internal changes the other dimensions prioritize. But if we examine how […]

the science of mindfulness and using it for wellness post from tenacious thinker

Everything You Should Know About Mindfulness

You’ve probably heard somewhere that you should start meditating or practice mindfulness. I’m going to tell you that as well, but why? What exactly is mindfulness and why is it so good for us? How does it work, and how do we get started? Mindfulness, the way we understand it today, has been sneaking its […]

dimensions of wellness: emotional wellness post from tenacious thinker image of woman meditation, person painting, and someone writing in a journal

15 Habits for Emotional Wellness

If you’ve read my introduction to wellness, then you’ve heard of the concept of emotional wellness. Even if you haven’t, you’ve most likely had a bad experience linked to your own or someone else’s poor emotional wellness. Emotional wellness is the dimension of wellness concerned with our emotions. Specifically, it includes our awareness of our […]

introduction to the science of gratitude post from tenacious thinker

Practice Gratitude to Support Your Wellness Journey

I’ve been exploring the dimensions of wellness, and the actions that support them. The importance of practicing gratitude has come up numerous times. Developing one’s sense of gratitude through daily practice is not only achievable but it can also benefit everyone. To understand why gratitude is so beneficial we should understand what it means. To […]


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